We have recently announced it is our intention to introduce live scoring at all upcoming Highlander Tour events. We are delighted to be using the iWanamaker Golf app. The iWanamaker app has recently been announced as the only official app and the recognized event management software for all future Florida High School Athletic Association Golf contests.

Read more HERE about this partnership.

The Highlander Junior Tour is a golf development Tour and we recognize that at some stage all of our junior golfers will most likely have to simultaneously log scores online AND complete a normal course scorecard during competition play. Online scoring is NOT intended to replace the manual completion of a scorecard, it should only be used as an additional method of keeping score. We would kindly ask that all players or parent/guardians download the HJT golf app onto your phone, create a free account and navigate to the relevant Highlander Junior Tour Event they are participating in.

When our event registration process is complete (usually the evening before each event) we will then load all players individual tee times and pairings into the app . These will be visible to you on the day of play.

We ask that at least one player in each group playing together agrees to enter all player scores into the app following completion of each hole played. It is also acceptable if each player wishes to enter their own score individually. We suggest that prior to play you agree within your playing group what you prefer to do.

For players under the age of 14 and/or if player does not have access to a personal phone a parent can register as the named player and log their score into the app on your behalf.

**Important -Please note that a manual signed card must still be completed and returned to the competition officials at the end of play**

When the competition is complete each player will retain a record of their scores stored on the app. We hope you find this competition development to be worthwhile long term in the development of your junior player.

If you have questions or need help with this please email or speak to an event official prior to play commencing.