HJT- Annual Membership Plan.


The Plan: Each year we anticipate offering a minimum of 35 single day and multi day competition events for junior players to participate in. It remains part of our firm commitment to you as a parent or guardian of a junior golfer that we will always endeavor to provide you with a great product AND keep participation costs as low as we possibly can.

By joining our Members Plan we will immediately provide you with a guaranteed and significantly lower entry fee at every one of the events/competitions we host.


At EVERY event we host our HJT Annual Members will always enjoy a minimum guaranteed $15 discount on each entry.

Cost of membership will be $50 per player.


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Join today to enjoy savings for a whole year.


After paying your initial membership cost you will immediately be saving a minimum $10 on every entry fee you pay. After only five events you will have recouped your membership cost in full giving you scope to save a great deal on entry fees throughout the rest of the year. Should your junior play in 20 events as a member you would save 20 x $15 ($300) less $50 membership fee = $250 total saving!

Additionally ,and as we grow, we are hoping to stimulate  interest from some golf-related industry sponsors who by way of support may wish to offer a range of golf-related goods or discount services to our players and/or parents of our players. It is our intention when this occurs that these will be provided in the first instance to our member players.

An Exclusive Members Event: Only our membership plan players and our previous Major Championship winners who have participated in 8 or more events will be eligible to compete in our 2021 Claret Jug Championships and our Champion Golfer of the Year two-day event in December 2021. This event will be an age based flighted player Championship. The Claret Jug Flight winners (3) will be the Member player with the lowest 36-hole score in the flight they are participating in.


We will award a Claret Jug Trophy to each of the 3 flight winners in the categories: 12 and under, 13-15 and 16+.



In addition to the above awards one player, THE lowest overall scorer in the competition will receive an additional award for their efforts and they will be named The Highlander Tour Champion Golfer of the Year 2021.


We will publish more information about this exciting event shortly.


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Terms and Conditions: Membership plan is open to all junior players aged 6-18 who wish to play in our 18 or 36 hole events only. Discount entry fees will apply from the date of membership to Highlander Junior Tour events only. Membership and benefits of this program does NOT  apply to Wee Highlander events. Membership will apply for a full 12 months from the date of application. No refunds of membership fees can be provided under any circumstances. Membership benefits only apply to the member named on the application and are not transferable. Members must compete in 8 or more Highlander Tour events following application for membership to be eligible to compete in the Exclusive 2021 Claret Jug Championships and our Champion Golfer of the Year event in December 2021.